One.Israeli gadget creates drinking water from air. July 25, 2015- The Team of Water-Gen have developed a device that extracts drinkable clean water from the air. The machines’ air filter removes all the dust and dirt particles while the cooling mechanism turns the humidity to condensation, which is gathered. The system produces 5 to 20 gallons of drinking water per day. So far the machines are only used by the military. In 2013, the IDF took the portable units to the Phillippines for the aftermath of Typhoo Haiyan.

Global Good News-Good News from all around the world-27 July 2015.

Two. Physicist Peter Higgs wins the world’s oldest scientific prize. July 25, 2015-Nobel prize winner Professor Peter Higgs has joined the likes of Albert Einstein after winning the world’s oldest scientific prize. Professor Higgs, who lives in Edinburgh, has been given the Royal Society’s Copley Medal for his work on the theory of the Higgs boson ( a particle with integral spin that acts a carrier of the electromagnetic force).

Three. Scientists have discovered that living near trees is good for your health July 25, 2015-In a new paper published Thursday, 9 July, a team of researchers present a compelling case for why urban neighborhoods filled with trees are better for your physical health. The research appears in the open access journal Scientific Reports. The large study builds on a body of prior research showing the cognitive and psychological benefits of nature scenery-but also goes farther in actually beginning to quantify just how much an addition of trees in a neighborhood enhances health outcomes.

Four. US study: Even a 2-minute walk may counter the harms of sitting July 25, 2015 – A new study suggests that even a few minutes per hour of moving instead of remaining in a chair might lara fabian-photosubstantially reduce the harms of oversitting. Scientists found a low-intensity activity like standing, by itself, had little effect on mortality risk. Those people in the study who walked around after standing, replacing some of their sitting time with a light-intensity activity like strolling, gained a substantial benefit in terms of mortality risk. In fact, if they replaced as little as two minutes of sitting
each hour with gentle walking, they lowered their risk of premature death by about 33 percent.

Five, “Selfies” of the 17-th century highlighted in Dutch exhibition July 24,2015-the selfie may be a contemporary look, but a Dutch museum aims to show that its roots go back centuries. In an upcoming exhibition, the Mauritshuts (art museum) in the Hague is showing a collection of self-portraits by master artists including Rembrandt, Jan Steen, Carel Fabritius, and Gerritt Dou from Dutch painting’s 17th century Golden Age. The self-portrait was particularly popular among Dutch painters of the period. Rembrandt alone painted and drew dozens over his lifetime.

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