First. New Central Library: Opening November 2018. The building architects are Snohettoan International firm and Calgary’s DIALOG while CMLC (Calgary Municipal Land Corporation) leads the construction $ 245 million project. It will offer 30 free meeting rooms, a 350 seat performance hall, an Early Learning Centre for children and a space just for teens with video, music and gaming stations. It is an Architecture Digest’s most anticipated buildings of 2018.

Second. “I’m Yulia. Lots of children are dead”, said a brave young girl of 12 y.o., spent 4 hours in freezing water clinging to twin brother in Russian boat where 14 drowned before being swept ashore to raise alarm at Lake Syamozero, Karelia, close to the border of Finland  It happened on June 20, 2016. Yulia Korol was a heroine helping to rescue her buddies from summer camp who later returned to Moscow.

Third. Amazon has overtaken Google as the world’s most valuable brand, beating a host of rivals in a tech-dominated list. Amazon, the world largest online business since 2015, is establishing a foot hold in bricks and mortar after opening its first Amazon Go Supermarket earlier in January, 2017. Fellow Silicon Valley Apple was ranked in second place behind Amazon. Google is on the third place.

Fourth. The 7-year old girl saves Dad’s life by calling 999-emergency call in the county of Leicestershire, England, and giving the chest compression after he suddenly collapsed.fetrieved from February 01, 2018.

Fifth. Therapy Dog stuck in Traffic Jam, helps a man who needed a hug. The dog’s name was Sherman. It is a 2-year old , 230 pound old English mastiff who lives with his family in Longview, Washington. This is a therapy dog who likes to visit with anyone who could use a smile or in need of having their spirits uplifted. Sherman spends most of his time visiting senior communities and also has a special spot for his friends with special needs, and home-bound patients. retrieved from January 31, 2018.

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