The Parcel we’ve received already,

We’re all about ready,

To consume and happy see,

So fast arrives from oversea.

Janko’s rejoiced as a teenage boy,

With a new toy, caught in the middle of a big mall,

A gawk and stalled.

Me. myself and I

Would like to say a word of mine:

“Thank you, Larisa and Gleb,

For your good hearts and family web!”

My panegyric one has a choice of ignoring,

But I am in the mood of poetic inspiration,

which comes from the heavenly beautiful sun.

shone onto the local pine trees,

covered with yesterday’s snow.

Oh, Oh, Oh,

How would you like to go ?

And go, and go, and go…go on.

And as a conclusion of greetings

I would say:

“In good weather or rain,

We’ll live in this world just not in vain”.

December 3, 2018 at 10-45 a.m., Calgary. 

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