One. Geisy Arruda, 20, a Brazilian student, expelled from university for wearing a miniskirt that sparkled national peacocksoul searching, in this staunchly Catholic but bikini-clad nation, was readmitted Monday. Geisy, backed by lawyers, said the expulsion violated her rights.

Two. The Canada’s  first prime minister John A. Macdonald’s undocumented letters to his longtime Conservative ally Alexander Morris in July, 1877  were sold in Britain for $ 45,000.

Three. Almost two million Canadians had  fought in wars since the beginning of the 20th century.

Four. Parents wield as much influence with their adolescent children as their peers do, according to results of a study which defy the notion of parents fading into white noise while friends take centre stage.

Five. Obama faces potential mutiny on health-care bill because abortion add-on splits Democrats. “This is a health-care bill, not an abortion bill”, Obama told  ABC’s Nightline, hoping to tamp down the controversy.

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