One. Patty Randall, a professional speaker for elderly people’s care years,  was interviewing senior Aliya  in moonandsunCappadocia, Turkey, in 2005, one of the last persons still living in cave dwelling. She received government assistance in order to stay in the home her husband brought her to as a young bride.

Two. Alexander Medvedev, deputy chief executive officer at Russian gas-export behemoth Gazprom, told a gas conference that the company expects its shipments to surge 13 per cent next year, as an accelerating post-recession economy fuels a rebound in European demand. He expects the resurgence will sop up the global gas surplus by 2011.

Three. Despite a global economic slump, worldwide carbon-dioxide pollution jumped 2 per cent last year, most of the increase coming from China, according to a study published online yesterday.

Four. Transparency International has released its annual Corruption Perceptions Index, which ranks the world’s nations based on the impressions of business people and country analysts. Here are some findings: most improved – China, Poland, Russia and Bangladesh.

Five. James McAra, the chief executive officer of the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank Society, sorts out food at the facility daily. His food bank saw an 80-per-cent spike in use over the previous year.

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