Bella AkhmadulinaFirst. Russia, Moscow. Bella Akhmadulina, one of the most daring poets of the Soviet era, died aged 73, on Monday. Writer Yevgeny Popov said she died in her home ouside Moscow, in Peredelkino, of heart condition.

President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have expressed their condolences to the poet’s relatives. During the thaw of the 1960’s, Akhmadulina and fellow poets Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Andrei Voznesensky and Robert Rozhdestvensky packed out stadiums across the USSR and traveled abroad to Europe and the United States – something very few Soviet people were allowed to do. Bella Akhmadulina’s photo is to the left.

She published her surreal short story “Many dogs and one dog” in the Samizdat publication, the Metropol Almanac, in 1979. She was awarded the USSR State Prize later that year.       Moscow, November 29 (RIA Novosti).

Second. Russia, Moscow. 28.11.2010- Alisa Galliamova wins the Russian Women’s Superfinal Chess Championship, Alisa Galliamovaone can see her photo to the right. The prize of around 10,000 Euros (400 thousand roubles) is going to the winner. Congratulations, Alisa!

Third. Calgary, Jack Singer Hall. Handel’s Messiah returns with the message of peace and hope. Featuring the CPO debut of Canada’s young maestro, Jean-Marie Zeitouni. 03 Dec 2010, 02 Dec 2010, at 7-30 p.m. Everyone is welcome!

Fourth. Calgary, Thursday, December 2, 2010. I would like to wish to all my HanukkahJewish readers a Happy Hanukkah. Tonight, Jewish people everywhere are celebrating the festival of lights, a time commemorating the great miracle  of the oil lasting for eight nights. Since the Hanukkah celebration centers around oil, you may enjoy your latkes  and doughnuts. Here is  a menorah picture, too.

Fifth. Calgary. Major League Dreidel (MLD) is a wrapped- up Hanukkah party and battle royale where players vie for the longest dreidel spin. MLD events have spread to San Francisco, Denver and Miami. Dreidel is a gambling game but if you are gambling for fun, for instance, for chocolate, and do not take away time or money from your family, it’s fine. Enjoy dreidel spin, friends!

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