One. Brazilian soccer legend Pele (C) makes an Olympic pitch as a Canadian space tourist prepares to blast off in Russia.

Two. On Wednesday when the Dalai Lama arrives here, Mayor Dave  Bronconnier will plant a white cowboy hat on his noggin, but the world’s famous monk won’t have to recite the white-hat oath.Green Sea Turtle

Three. The B.C. government’s Vancouver Island wollf extermination program has allowed “monster” wolf-dog hybrids to take over the region, said a team of scientists.

Four. On September 25-30, October 1-4, 2009 is held the Calgary International Film Festival. Among the different movies are documentary, adventurous, off the beaten track.

Looking through the synopsis of the movies only one attracts my attention : “EASTERN PLAYS”, playing at the Plaza Movie Theater at 3.00 p.m. on October 3. Details see at the Calgary Herald, Entertainment Section.

Five. The start of a new CPO season always makes the pulse beat a shade faster, and elevated pulses could calm down listening to Mozart’s music. Follow the Calgary Philarmonic Orchestra programs.

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