BADEK’S NEWS (Babulka’s and Dedulka’s News)

Responding to the recent request by some people who want a little more information about not only travel, books and crafts, but what is happening around us in both our community where ever it may be and the world.

The words “Babulka and Dedulka” (what means Grandma and Grandpa) are abbreviated to “BADEK”s plus the word “News”. One can find the BADEK’S NEWS in the Category “Reading and Discussion Club”. It is something to talk about? Isn’t it?

In what we write there will always be a room for different opinions both yours and ours, but please, in comments you need to formulate them instead of promising to do so. Everybody sees and interprets news differently, this depends on the amount of information is given and how it is represented. We are not professional journalists but ordinary people who are trying to see and understand events which are happening around us.A toucan perched on a branch in Brazil.


One. Many people today are under the impression that senior citizens are meant to sit in rocking chairs, tell their grandchildren stories and remember the past. This is not so any more. Today seniors look to the future and forget their age. Prime example is an article about two women of 75 and 80, Edith and Elsie, who are working in a Grocery Store for past 16 years, said our local newspaper. These two ladies enjoy their work by having a good sense of humor and not willing to quit, continue as long as they can.

Two. At the International Competition in Synchronized Swimming Russia and Greece took the top two medals< Canada – the bronze one. Canada’s 13-15 year old National Synchronized Swimming team enjoyed its best results ever at the Comen Cup held in Serbia in early August, 2009.

Three. In Calgary in Heritage Park are celebrated the Railway Days presented by Canadian Pacific on September 26 & 27, 2009. Everybody is invited to join in.

Four. Unique opportunity in Calgary is nowadays: YMCA youth leadership program which is offered for free. It includes sports, social issues, taking part in activities designed to teach the young people about leadership, listen to the guest speakers and help with volunteer tasks around YMCA.

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