Blue Tree Resort Villa at Buena Vista Lake in Orlando was not a Bad Choice for Our Stay in Florida, USA (July 27th-August 04th, 2013)

Larisa in Florida2013It was a home away from home for 4 wary travellers. It was a real pleasure to see Larisa in our 2-bedroom villa with a kitchen and a living room, including a patio which overlooked on a beautiful swimming pool, already having had a rest and meeting us with the prepared supper. We, three, yet arrived from Calgary to Orlando by midnight.

Second floor of our accommodations made us to be very comfortable every morning before breakfast barefoot, dressed just in swimming costumes to go down to dip in the warm caressing water with waterfalls, and the same procedure late in the evening after the meal.

In spite of heat we enjoyed walks, shopping, going to the restaurants and having new experiences. The staff  was courteous, friendly and helpful when we needed information. The resort shuttle was regular on schedule taking us to different venues.

As a family we were glad to see each other and spend quality time together.

In seeking the answer “Why Blue Tree Resort” is called “Blue” and where is this blue tree. We asked about it, but nobody seemed to know the response. Only on our random walk one day we spotted a bluish color palm. “Oh, here it is! Blue tree, really blue!” “Ah! that is what the blue tree looks like!, struck to our minds.

The puzzle was solve to our common joy.

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