Meeting Tinker Belle in Orlando, Walter Disney Presents: a World where Make Believe and Fantasy would Come True (our Visit to Orlando, USA on July 27-August 4, 2013)

Orlando Disney Land (cover)On July 30th, a very hot July 30-th, 2013 we made our first visit to Disney World. Everybody was excited as what we would see and experience. Most of us was Janko as he was brought up on the Sunday night Walt Disney’s programs.

Those shows were so interesting for a little boy who enjoyed cartoons, such as Mickie Mouse and Donald Duck, movies about Dave Crockett, the Alamo and the great train race. This movie about the train inspired him in later years to work for the whole life for CPR.

As for the three of us, of the Russian background, Magic Kingdom was a real eye-opener. Fascinated from childhood by Russian cartoon characters as Wolf and Rabbit races (Nu Pogodi) etc, everyone knew about Walt Disney in Russia but it seemed to be in a different world. So far away as if on the other planet.

And now on that same planet we descended and spent the whole day.

Surrounded by the world of make believe we can understand better how a child can be taken in by the magic and aura of the wondrous castle and surprises which led on the way to it: an elevator where you are face-to-face with invisible scary characters, passing by the cemetery with tombstones and opening coffin lids (type of Halloween haunted houses).

This is a real place where kids feel perfect and adults definitely become kids.

Watch our photo show: “Disney on Parade”

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