Brave Russian Officer Alexander Polikarpovich Chesnokov (Photo of 1915)

Дед1Continue the Category “What can the Old Photo say to us?” Brave Russian Officer Alexander Polikarpovich Chesnokov (1883-1937) is depicted on the old daguerreotype photograph of 1915 made in the photo studio in standing pose, holding by a small table.

Judging by clothes one can say that he was an officer of lower rank, perhaps, participated in the World War I in the infantry regiments.

The face of a young man is burnt by sun and withstood severe winds having been busy in the fields.

The photo was sent by Alexander to the address of his father, here the back side of the photo is displayed, which reads: “24th of September, 1915. To dear, beloved father Дед_обратная (1)from deeply respectful son Alexander. I’ve got your letter and am sending to you my photograph with my own signature.”

Probably, by that time Alexander was not married yet. Later he married to Alexandra Fedorovna Stolitsyna (later Chesnokova) (1883-1983) who lived almost 100 years and raised 8 children alone.

Her husband was detained in 1937 and never came back to her. So, Alexandra became without her Alexander for the rest of her life. After he was rehabilitated. Of all children of Alexander and Alexandra now are alive two sisters Anna Alexandrovna, 86 y.o., and Maria Alexandrovna ,93 y.o. Anna Alexandrovna likes to recollect her father and mother, her village of Pechki, Navlinsky district, Bryansk (earlier Orel) region, how they lived at that time, how overcame the difficulties.

All this information was given to me by my classmate Yuvgeniya Mikhailovna Serova (Korshunova), whom we studied in a Bryansk school once with.

Yuvgeniya communicates often with her aunt Anna Alexandrovna, who said with a sigh: “If my father Alexander Polikarpovich were alive, he would have liked this Victory Parade, 2015”. Watch:

For our honored seniors we give our best regards with wishes for them to be healthy and active as long as possible for the years to come. Listen:

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