trio“Ah, those girls make me admire such pleasant beauties,

They broke my heart and took away my calmness”…

That how I feel looking at the photograph of trio: beautiful Olga (front), beautiful Nina ( behind her) and incomparable Larisa (to the right). This late photo is taken at the moment of celebration of Happy New 2016 year at Nina Anatoliyevna Rudakova’s place. They decided to make it a la NEP (New Economic Politics) time of 1920-s in Russia. So, they were dressed accordingly to that time, food was prepared like in NEP times and so on and so on. Neither of them was born then, but they liked the romance of those old days and there was the music of big bands and interesting melodies.

Listen and feel the atmosphere:

This image evokes memories in me of another time and place. Years have passed also in our lives. Many changes have occurred within us and the world around.

But one thing that is very important, stands out for us, it is the memories and events that have shaped our lives as a family.

Myself, Yanko (Ivan) Holly, remember Larisa in the autumn of 1999 when me and her mother began to plan to live together, I remember speaking to her by phone and telling her that I am in love with her Mom etcetera.

This was the beginning of 17-year friendship that endures till today. We’ve seen so much of the world travelling together as a family of four: you and Your son Gleb, me and Valentina, the core of the organizational group, and you were always our travel guide, the programmer and inspirational voice. We shared so many experience together, including all Europe, North America, Hawaii and Japan.

I remember how you were afraid first od cruising because of sea sickness, bad weather… Oh, darling, how much you’ve changed. Cruises became your favorite part of leisure time, and what a wonderful time we had all together!

The years have passed so quickly, your son Gleb has grown up to be a man, and studying here, in Canada. I am very proud of both of you. You have accomplished a lot and put cultural, educational values in his life, giving him as a parent a foundation on which to build his life.

Congratulations to you, my beloved daughter Larisa, on your Birthday, and wishing to you all the best, happiness, health and a long life.

You are my inspiration, as well as the inspiration for all your friends and us as a family (quartet of good hearts).

Thank you for being who you are.

Hugging and kissing

Yanko ”

Listen to:

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