This year we changed the design of our website, having chosen the theme: “Hello, World”. Together with the theme gets along a stricter security level of the web page. Now to leave a comment for an article one needs to the main page written in English regardless if you’ve read it in Russian , switch to the English site and go to the end of the article, click on “leave a comment”, then you will see “register”. This is the first phase-register, put your e-mail address and password for this electronic mail.

Then check your e-mail, the web site provider will register you and give the  password for the , which needed to copy and paste into the window “login” after entering your e-mail address, then the password, given by the Word Press provider. This the second phase-copy and paste the password in login area. Now you can write whatever you want in the open window for comments, only do not forget to click on little green square on the left, meaning “send”.

Why are such operations in two stages? Explanation is simple: lately so many unnecessary advertisements are penetrating through this ‘leave a comment” window, that was impossible to fight them. So, it is double security that it matters.

By the way, many respectable websites have the same, nothing new is in this world.

Many people stop at the first stage “register”, this is why we can track the readership of the site, approximately 20-30 people a day. Many registered people do not go further to the second stage “leave a comment”, and it’s very pity. We want to communicate with people, hear from them, so, welcome, do not be afraid to leave a comment and give us your own opinion on something which is interesting for you.

Have patience, our dear readers, go for the second stage, have fun of communications. It is, really, a mutual joy-to read and to write.

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