History. The first inhabitants were the Ligurian tribe. They settled in the 6-th century and were dubbed the Monokos by the Greeks.

The Grimaldis arrived in 1297 – a band of monks from a r5ival Genoese family. It can be well stated that Monaco is not a country – it is a family project passed from one generation to another. The Grimaldi family has shaped this little country from its borders to its image. They have managed their degree of independence and always kept Monaco an exciting country.

Grace Kelly of Philadelphia is the American connection. She married the Prince of Monaco. Her family continues, after her death, to be the topic of the world’s gossip columns. It seemed America got closer to Monaco through Princess Grace. There is a Princess Grace Irish Library which houses many of her personal items.

The entire principality is only half the size of New York City’s Central Park. Monaco can be divided into six neighborhoods. One of the most famous throughout the world – Monte Carlo. Here casinos and top hotels are located; the history of gambling had some of its roots here, casinos require guests to be dressed formally and world famous gamblers gather to try their luck. The Monaco of old is not gone, however, there are areas that have a French style village; there are also areas that have high end shopping. Monaco has a national park and beaches. It has golf and tennis clubs, etc. In short, there is everything available in a small compact area. It should be noted that Monaco is one of the few countries that is “graffiti-free”.

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We are treated on the board of ship “OOSTERDAM” as royalties, the Prince of Monaco. We were proposed to fill in the booking paper for food delivery straight into the cabin just for breakfast. We were having our meals in the cabin and then Janko collected all dishes and tried to put them on the tray and positioning on the floor behind our door for our steward to pick them up. Oh poor Janko! The dishes losing their balance appeared to be scattered everywhere on the floor. We all rushed to help Janko. How difficult to copy the Indonesian waiters carrying 10 trays at a time. Definitely we refused to be royalties having our breakfast in the cabin since now on.Monaco11


In Monte Carlo walking around the embankment our opinions were divided: the elder couple decided to stay in the café, the younger two rushed to the beach to swim and bathe at the sea. It was arranged to meet each other near the shuttle bus stop.

Two olds were tired sitting in the shade, the temperature was very hot, air was extremely humid, it was difficult even to breathe. The two seniors hurried to the ship, inside the cabin. Val  asked  Janko many times: “Do you remember they have their entry cards?” “Oh yes, sure they have them”.

All of a sudden the loud knock on the door. “Answer the door” shouted Janko taking the next second or third shower a day.

I answered. I saw Gleb outraged. “Who let you in?” I asked. “You see, Mom. They even do not regret and no kisses or hugs. They took all our entry cards, all money, did not wait for us and ran away from us and very happy. Do you see that they wanted to get rid of us.”

“Oh no, Gleb” answered Grandma. “How many times I asked you “Did they take their entry card?” and you answered “yes”. What happened?”

Gleb continued: ”You see, Mom. They had a conspiracy plot to get rid of us, took away our documents, depriving us everything. But we are here in spite of them.”

“We are sorry” sang we in chorus forgetting that their documents were in our purse. ”But how could you manage to get in because of severe security guards on the ship?”

Gleb explained the Security staff about forgetfulness of his Grandma and Canadian Grandpa. They let them in.