LIVORNO ( TUSCANY ) ITALY.                         

    See slide show “Livorno”.
Livorno (“Leghorn”) is the Tuscan gateway. Even though Romans established the port, it was not fully developed until Florence’s Medici family transformed it into a thriving commercial harbor. WWII bombs destroyed most of the ancient city, but it has been rebuilt as the second largest Italian port and gateway to Tuscany’s magnificent artistic and architectural wealth. The need for defense is still fresh in the minds of many residents, and Livorno is an important NATO military base. The port is also home to the prestigious Italian Naval Academy. Livorno’s MELORIA holds historical significance for the Italian people. The seaside tower marks the site of a 13th-century defeat of Pisa’s powerful fleet by sailors from Genoa.
ANECDOTE # 5. Glebandme
Larisa prepared very well for the cruise, learned a lot about neighboring towns and events connected to them. FLORENCE, the city where Shakespearean characters ROMEO and JULIET met, fell in love with each other and tragically ended their lives. There was a famous balcony where ROMEO professed his love and JULIET answered: “ Oh ROMEO, deny your father’s name…” etc.
She proposed to go to see that balcony. But we calculated . A taxi from the port to Livorno train station (approximately 20 euros per person), 13,5 euros round trip to Florence (Firenze) (approximately 1 ½ hours. Too long journey and cost a lot. Balcony is not worth of it. Proposed Gleb to be ROMEO and Larisa to be JULIET. They can play these romantic roles perfectly.

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