Our photo expose ” Kona, Hawaii, 2011″:

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On the early morning to-day we arrived to the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii which is called “Kona” here. We are exploring Kailua-Kona that was the first royal capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii. There are many historical landmarks Kona, hawaii, Pride of Americawithin walking distance of the pier including a Heiau (temple), the first Christian church in Hawaii and a summer palace. Definitely we visited these sights and took pictures.

To the left is our photo from NCL and to the right is our photo from the Hulihe’e Palace.

Next to the Palace is the Moku’aikaa Church, the oldest on the Islands. At the end of the article we expose the other photo show from those two places. At the palace the shooting of pictures was not allowed, so we prepared many of them from the history book purchased there.

Hulihe’e Palace (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii) was built in 1838 by Governor John Adams Kuakini. It remained until 1916 a vacation spa for Hawaiian royalty. The historic two-storey structure, now a museum, displays a collection of former Hawaiianroyalty and effects, as well as ancient artifacts owned and maintained by the Daughters of Hawaii. Majestically surrounded by an expanse of lawn and trees. Hulihe’e Palace stands on the shores of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island across from Moku’aikaua Church, a handsome coral and lava structure, arduously built by the island’s first Christians.

Passing by one small Hawaiian islandKonaPalace(wetrio) but not visiting it, we recollected about one interesting person Father Edward who dedicated all his life to rescue poor Hawaiian people from deadly disease “lepers” (it was deadly, in nowadays it is not, thank goodness!)

DAY 5, KAILUA-KONA  SERENITY. Like water, we are the truest to our nature in repose. (Our Hawaiian Cruise around the Pacific Ocean Islands). The waters in rivers and oceans vary. Pacific ocean is called “pacific”, the word originated from Latin pacificus , pac, pax “peace”. Pacific time is the time of the 8th time zone west Greenwich that includes the Pacific coastal region of the United States. In reality, the Pacific is not so quiet as it seems to be. We are passing by volcanic islands and many other, tiny and wild. As for example, one where lepers live in Molokai, to whose ministering Ukrainian Priest Father Edward Danyl Evanko dedicated his life. That is what was written in Canadian media about him: “June 23, 2008 “Richmond Review.com in British Columbia:

FatherEdward'sportraitTheatrical Intervention Father Edward is seated in a wooden straight-back chair, a coffee cup in front of him, linoleum covers the floor, pictures of priests dot the walls and a faint smell of cabbage is in the air. Almost 40 years ago stood on a Broadway stage singing “There’s the Moon” with Sandy Duncan in the Canterbury Tales, launches a lifelong career in show business. At age 62, the tenor decided to devote his life to the man upstairs, and join priesthood. His portrait is to the left and his voice one can hear going to this link: Now he is 73 and traveling to participate in Ukrainian Church services, he has not entirely left acting behind. To-day he has a couple of one-man plays in his pocket: DAMIEN, an 80-minute play about a Catholic missionary who devoted his life to ministering to lepers in Molokai; and BE WELL and PROSPER, MY  BELOVED  UKRAINE, a play he wrote on the famine/ genocide of 1932-1933 Ukrainians that killed seven to 10 million people during Joseph Stalin’s rule. When after having donated his kidney to his son, Evanko’s father nearly died, young priest Father Edward started acting as a good fundraising vehicle. Now he continues to raise money for charities by mounting the plays across Canada, Australia, Hawaii.”

Our friend from Vancouver Island met him once, she was enchanted by his wonderful singing voice as a prayer and told us his life story. For those who wish to climb the mountains of spiritual awareness, the path is selfless work. For those who attained the summit of union with the Lord, the path is stillness and peace.

Our photo show “Kona Palace and Church, 2011” :


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