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This the photo show of our seaway to Nawiliwili, Kaua’i.                                                                                                                                Mountain Waialeale on Kaua’i averages 488 inches of rain a year, making it the wettest spot on earth! We were advised Kaua'i NespaperAugust 18, 2011to bring a poncho, if we go exploring the island. It was drizzling a bit, in a minute sun shows up, so we like such kind of weather while we were walking. We were not in a mood to visit Kauai’s Museum although it was celebrating 50 years. We were more interested in real Hawaiian regular people, hard workers, their life stories. Looking around we saw the same shopping centers as on each island: Hilo Hattie (the chain of merchandises specializing on the local production-how they are selling their pearls, it will be another story to be put in the Workshop category as well as about crochet fashion on Hawaii), MacDonald’s, Walmart, Sears. Kaua’i is the garden island, the vegetation is lash and green, everything is blooming. The impression is as if theKaua'i Tourtist Guidewholeisland are impregnated with unknown odors and fragrances. Birds are singing unceasingly as if they are very happy to see you. Aloha: It is Kaua’i’s spirit. A Akahai Kindness, expressed with tenderness. L Lokahi Unity, expressed with harmony. OOlu’olu Agreeable, expressed with pleasantness. H Ha’aha’a Humility, expressed with modesty. A Ahonui Patience, expressed with perseverance. We went to Sears and watched Hula dance concert performed by locals< at the end of the post one c an see their presentation. DAY 6. PACIFIC SERENITY: He who would be serene and pure that needs but one thing, DETACHMENT. (Round trip about Hawaiian Islands. Nawiliwili, Kaua’i) Hula dancer(close-up)Look, my friend! We are travelling now the sixth day, and all on the Ocean. It might seem that we could be tired of skies and waters, everywhere… Oh, no, no… not at all! For the first time in our lives among the Ocean we realized that we all have within us a center of stillness surrounded by silence. Silent moments are our real actions in life. The epochs of our life are not in the visible facts of our choice of a calling, our marriage, our acquisition of our home, office, and the like, but in a silent thought by the wayside as we walk or on the deck of the cruise liner watching the unforgettable Hawaiian sunsetHula dancer (close-up)1 every evening; in a thought which revises our entire manner of life, and says, we all have within us a center of stillness surrounded by silence. Dialogue between two of us about the sense of life: 1.What do you think about life? What is the most important in your life, Janko? 2.Life…It is difficult to respond in one phrase or one word. To be helpful to the others is one thing. And what about you? 1.The same. That is why we understand each other without words because we are one of a kind. Birds of one feather. 2.Many think the same way but when it concerns the real deeds people sometimes do not have a will to follow this principle. 1.Yes, you’re right. What about serenity at the Pacific? 2.It’s great. It gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your own thoughts, reconsider resolutions and live day by day, enjoying  small things of each and every day. 1. I do agree. As nothing repeats twice. Each moment is different, as Socrates said that it is impossible to cross the river twice, meaning that all is changing any second, any moment. Watch our photo presentation : “Hula Dance at Sears, 2011”

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