Nowadays there are many sites on Internet and books with recipes. By the way, such a book of my own is at your disposal presented in the Calgarian food store “European Deli” under the title “Cornucopia of the Russian Delights”. Home made food is good and I would say, it’s better than in any restaurants.

This time it’s enough to say “Try our home made sausage, please!” While preparation, one could put inside one’s own ingredients and in the way one likes. When a person is retired and has lots of spare time, it’s something to do useful for home.

Here and there are the photos of our own creations. Home made sausages, potato pancakes (latki), syrniki, plov, cauliflower stuffed with meat, naturally squeezed juices – everything is good for a healthy life style. It is very important to be constantly creative during the pension life. And sharing with the other people.

“Create and Share!” – this is our motto in life.

Did you know that when I presented my cook book to somebody as a gift, I used to add to the book as a free supplement to the book – a real home made food: Bulgarian stuffed peppers, crepes – Russian pancakes wrapped around strawberries,” shuba”- herring with vinaigrette on the top and many-many others.

Creation of newer and newer recipes is my hobby, inherited from my parents and grandparents, and I am gladly sharing with you.

Home made sausage (Russian or Ukrainian sausage-kolbasa) recipe

  1. 1 kg of pork with fat or bacon;
  2. 5 bulbs of any onions;
  3. 1 bulb of garlic;
  4. Salt, pepper by taste.
  5. Meat must be stored in a freezer as well as all parts of a grinder for an hour or so before working with them, everything must be cold. Sprinkle with the cup of cold water and start putting the mixture into casings. Use oil for better sliding casings. Ready for roasting in the oven at the moderate temperature. Enjoy, please. 

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