“When you’re swinging of tiredness,

When is lost the amount of your jobs,

Don’t allow yourself to sob of pity,

Do not put down your two beautiful wings!

Go ahead admiring yourself…as you’re pretty.

Don’t be sad, be open…to the kindness…

And lift yourself up above every day commodities.

Rejoice the sun, the skies… And in the morning

All your troubles all of a sudden

Will be forgotten by you.

Stopping at the mirror…

Change the hair-do…

Add up more brightness.

…:That you’ve been tired”. Who told you?

And all your jobs? Those which are created by you.

It’s time to unload yourself pace by pace.

Learn how to SEEM to be weak but actually


But you need to know this.

And remember, please, once more:

“You’re a WONDER-WOMAN. You’re beautiful!

Your soul is clear.

You’re destined to be happy.

Do not put down your beautiful two wings!”

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