BigFishermanThe fisherman with a big fish was our encounter when traveling on the trails ( his photo is shown here and a special song is also for him).

The Fishing Song

Inspired by the David Thompson Trail we started our hikes around the Fairmont Hot Springs: Historic, Orange Trail, Ktumaxa Trail, Mountain Creek Hike, Tukatas and Hoodoo. Everywhere we were accompanied by tourist guides. Hoodoo was different. It was unguided, a great family outing. But why unguided? We thought and thought…

“Ah! This is why it is unguided because it is so easy to follow and so easy to be missed.

No guide at the beginning, no guide at the end, so elderly people with bad hearts, heavy breath panting would start their hike around the Hoodoo and never come back. And nobody would count them. They just would disappear. From the surface of the Hoodoo sand.

By the way, however, they were owners of the time share Fairmont Sunchaser Villas. For six months nobody would claim their disappearance. And their ownerships automatically would be transferred to the Big Bosses of the Sunchaser. The more unguided hikes, the better profit for them.

Family outing? Who the heck would dare hike to the Hoodoo? All around the strange mountain formation reminds the sand. The fine place for Halloween, that’s correct! the place where all the spirits get together to make fun and mess. All together “Hoodoo, Hoodoo-Woodoo, Woodoo!” Come on up and entertain us!”

Jokes to the side!

Watch our photo presentation:”Hoodoo and Other Historic Hikes”

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Our next destination is the village of Canal Flats at the Southern tip of the Columbia Valley, just off Highway 93/95. The village takes its name from the flat strip of land that it sits upon, which is intersected by an historic canal. Columbia lake, the source of the mighty Columbia River, is to the north and the Kootenay River, to the south, with flanks of mountains to east and to the west.

We enjoyed fresh air and spectacular scenery around Canal Flats, remembering legendary explorer and mapmaker David Thompson who passed through the region in 1808.

Here it is, the picture exhibition :”Canal Flats”

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Hey, Fisherman! This is a great opportunity for you to catch another fish here! Good luck to you, dear friend! Breathe more fresh mountain air, be healthy and strong, share family happiness for many-many years to come.

Listen:“You are a sea woman, and I am a seaman” by Oleg Gazmanov

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