The trace They Wished to Leave2 Listen to :Road to the Isles

The trace they wished to leave, those daring, courageous pioneers is here, in Invermere. We invite you again on the trail of David Thompson.

We are in the car, before the CPR overpass we turned left toward Panorama. Once over the Toby Creek Bridge we went right toward the village of Wilmer. It is along this road we stopped near the National Historical Site of Kootenae House.

Although there are no buildings it is worthwhile to walk on the site, to find the signs of archaeological  dig and from the left north east  corner to look out over the present day route of the Toby Creek. Let our imagination take us back two hundred years to the days of David, Charlotte and the men and women who lived at Kootenae House…

Watch the picture show “Wilmer, Kootenae House, Pinelogs House”:

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To complete our tour let us visit the village of Wilmer, for it is here that the Windermere Valley had its true beginning.

Once housing numerous hotels, banks and even the local jail Wilmer was the starting point for hundred of miners and prospectors seeking to make a fortune in gold. It was here that mining companies had their start and pioneer families arrived aboard the local steam ships to begin life in a new world.

Delphine Lodge, the 1-st hotel in Wilmer and a wonderful example of “frontier” or western architecture with its tall flat front.

To travel around the Wilmer Loop, we continued our way to the lake Windermere.

Look at the beauties of the lake at our photo expose: “Lake Windermere”

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Good music is accompanying you:On Mocking Bird Hill-Diatonic Accordion Duet

(to be continued)

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