“Magic Power of Memories” by Valentina Filina-Pattison Chapter 7 EMMA (to be continued)

Chapter 7 EMMA  

To Emma I have a special attitude. And it’s not because of her name is the same as of my sister’s. Not at all. But because of Emma’s gifted musically personality.

On the background of our 7 “b” class, among all of us, just regular schoolgirls,, she was definitely  stood out as she could play piano. The music above is a special greeting from us to her.

Continuing my narrative , I see a picture of Lyudochka Bocharova singing a song with her beautiful clear iridescent voice under Emma’s accompaniment. It was building up an impression of a fairy-tale of a fine duet as if a nightingale thrill with continuation. Emma’s accompaniment was transferred into Lyudochka’s voice and vice versa.

I tried to write a poem dedicated to Emma. But it was a weak attempt of my poetic language. That was just a pure necessity to listen to it and memorize it by heart. That was what I’d done.

Now I’m explaining the reason of my special attitude to Emma, who till now is keeping untouched her own sense of beauty and generously sharing it with us.

On the photos it’s shown the celebration of Emma Sergeyevna Korneeva Mahova’s 80-th jubilee, in her family, with collegues, among the Vets’ community, where she is actively working, among her classmates and friends.

Her inspired face while she’s speaking, her speeches, hospitality-everything is attracting to her people as though she is a magnet.

Kindness and charm. Endless charm is magnetized in her company.

I am wondering: do her two daughters Irene and Lera, possess the same sense of magnetism? Sure, yes.

So, two of them are happily married, have good husbands, families, two talented sons. Emma’s blessed with two grandchildren: one of them is a captain who plows the North Arctic Ocean, the other one is a philosopher, lives in Serbia, Novo-Sad. 

Her life is accomplished in all respects. Her sense of beauty keeps on along with her strict attitude to the surrounding her world, and what is more important, to herself.

Lyudochka Bocharova is not with us long time ago: she died when she was forty. We live twice longer than her. But she together with Emma helped to plant into our souls the sprouts of sense of beauy. And it, that sense of beauty, did sprout, strengthen, mature, flourish till now. We’re thankful to sweet, dear Lyudochka, a singer, and Emma, accompanist, for that sense of beauty in us, and will carry it on as unspoiled as possible till the day we die.

Thanks again, Emma, and happy 80-th anniversary to you! Wishing you happiness, unforgettable memories of this moment, sense of usefulness in life and never-ending luck to you and all members of your family!

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