“Magic Power of Memories” by Valentina Filina-Pattison Chapter 8 LARA ( to be continued)

Chapter 8. LARA      

On the 8-th of August of 2020 Larisa Biryukova (Volhina) has celebrated her 80-th Anniversary. On the photos we see this event of Lara’s festivities in the circle of her family and friends.

When I am recollecting Lara, my first impression came up to me of her smile together with Galya Kalinina’s, they were meeting me at the bus station in front of Dormash, at the Museum wher our classmate Klava worked-our first  group meeting.

Her kind eyes and question: “Do you recognize us?”

“Of course, not.” responded I.

“I’m Lara Biryukova”, she represented herself. “And me, Galya Kalinina.” Both ladies had a little sly in their eys.

“Ah-h, now I recognize you”, I answered.

Many years passed since that day. Dear Lara, here it is, your Jubelee has arrived.

Looking back in 2013, when Galya was with us, at the other meeting by Skype, where Emma was a hostess, Lara told me confidentially:

“I would like to share my life story with you, Valyusha.

I live in 3-bedroom apartment with my handicapped daughter Svetlana. THe other daughter Tatyana is married. I have 2 grandchildren. 8 people live in our apartment. Difficult to get along. All adults and all have different characters…”

“Yes”, I said. “I understand the situation. Difficult, extremely difficult.” I sighed with the compassion. My heart sank down.

Seven years slipped away as one moment. No longer with us is Galya, Lara’s beloved husband passed away as well. However, the family circamstances remain the same: difficult.

And wow! A new talent is discovered in Lara: vocals. I never knew that she’s got such a wonderful voice. She joined the choir, began to partake the recitals? tours around the city Bryansk and region. What a makeover!

Her voice is so soulful and profound, the performance is so catching that upon having listened to her voice for the first time, I wanted to listen to her song again and again. Later I memorized the lyrics, and sang along :” Ah, those clouds in the blue, remembering me of you…”

Her singing catches and inspires us with fresh breath of life, immediately one wants to sing and dance along with her.

Above, there is a musical greeting from us to her: it’s a compilation of choir performances from Madrid. I know that Spanish is not familiar to her, but the musical language is universal. She will grasp it with all her gentle heart, with all her body cells, in tune with with the beautiful melodies and arrangements. Below, it is her own singing of the song “Ah, those clouds in the blue…”.

Concluding my small narrative about Lara, we would like to congratulate on her wonderful 80-th Birthday, wishing her happiness, health, inexhaustale creative forces, patience and tolerance and keeping on “Be strong in life as you’re now!”.

You are, dear Larochka, our inspiration because of your character and soul!

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