August 3, 2005. Route 40 East . To Quebec-city, the capital of the province Quebec. The country-side is different: more open fields, St. Lawrence river, and many other small rivers: Riviere on Prairies, Yamachawa petite, small towns passing by: Three Rivers, Ashawawa. Quebec city is a very ancient city with its interesting history and folk Festivals. Walking around, but the air temperature is very high 29 degrees by Celsius and humidity index is also high.Sweat was pouring off us. It’s necessary to stop by somewhere and have a rest.Quebec province, town Dorion. Motel “Miss Dorion”, our room No. 14,downstairs is a bordello with stripteasing girls on the top of men. And all the details of the sexual intercourse on big screen TV.

I tried to book a room, nobody paid attention at me, when Janko tried, he was successful, he spoke French, the other services were declined by him.

August 4, 2005. High Way 40 West+Ottawa (150 km). Beautiful asphalt covering of the road. Only here one can see the sun shines on the road  in such a way as the reflections of the sun forming the wet horizon paddles, it was a mirage, but in reality, the paddles were disappearing as you closer approaching them. The horizon line is teasing you as the girls from the “Miss Dorion” bordello.

Big city Ottawa, we walked around Ben Franklin place, the city Hall, jumped into the car and there we go again. It’s Thursday to-day, two weeks as we are on the journey across Canada: Missisipi River,Ottawa River, Laurential Hills. At long last the rain fell down, such a relief from extreme heat and humidity!

Canadian Clock Museum in the town of Deep River. We visited it and then changed the route for No.11. Deux Riviers. Dunlop Crescent. Beautiful view of the River. And then Lakes: Dream Lake, Trout Lake and many other lakes- we crossed  the Ontario borderline. 

(to be continued)

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