August 05, 2005. Now we are on High Way 11, Iroquois Falls. The road is straighter, no ups and downs, we are not passing major cities, gaining time, not losing it.. Horizon is wide open, open field and columinous clouds are surrounding you as if you’re in the middle of Galaxy of Beauty. Hardly anybody is on the road! It’s easier to go home-Home Sweet Home!

I won’t mention the names of Lakes, Rivers, Locations on the way No. 11 West, it will take many-many pages. Last night I saw a dream about the piano. I was in the crowd of people concerned about moving a piano. I recognised it was my piano. This is my interpretation of my dream. I started to worry about the music lessons for my grandson Glebochka: last summer when we were visiting my family in Russia, St. Petersburg, I asked Gleb’s mother Larisa:” How about music lessons for Gleb?”, she answered :”Oh, no, Mom. Least of all I want to have a flute player at home.”

And now, in 2019, fourteen years later Gleb himself takes guitar lessons and enjoys music in full. How life is changing! Look at his photo to the left and it’s our musical gift for him below.

Old Cadillac 1986 Convertible’s on the road: two old people there: he and she! Nice to see this couple enjoying travelling!

August 6, 2005. Midway Hotel, near Brandon, Regina. Stayed overnight. Continental breakfast included. Very convenient.

(to be continued)

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