Overjoyed with the Festivities at the Village and Meeting the Author of the Book “Levarky” Anton Guth Who Inspired Us to Know More Deeply the History and Families of the Region

overjoedwewithkidsOn the 15th of August, 2010 there were biennial festivities in the village of Male booklevarkyLevare celebrating the ancient anniversary of the foundation of the village. And as Professor Anton Guth put it in writing in his book “Levarky” on page 37: ” The first record of the existence of Male Levare was in May 15, 1377 stated that the King Ljudovik the Great had granted the lands around Male Levare and Gajary to the counts Thomash and Peter”.

The festive atmosphere started in the local Church and was made special by the national Slovak costumes worn by some family members from the parish and the service itself conducted by a Polish priest and by the AntonGuthattheentrancePolish Bishop. Outside there played a brass band performing happy music calling for dance. Enjoy music, following this link:

“Muzicka and Draguni”

We took a few pictures and present them here in this post and in a photo expose. Hope you enjoy it.

Nevertheless, the most amazing impression of that day was a connection to the above mentioned book by Toni Guth and Helena Guthova which Janko Holly having received as a gift from his family read thoroughly with the help of the Great Slovak-English Dictionary, very-very far from this place in the Northern American continent, in Canada.

The events and people from the book came alive as if by a magic wand.

This fantastic book drove Janko to explore further in his familyhistory and overjoyed his heart with pride and dignity.

So, reading is a great tool of learning and life experiences.

It is a photo expose of these events:

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