Slavin Hill in Bratislava

SlavinHilMemorialIn Russia there are so many Memorial Hills dedicated to the honored people whoSlavinHillflowers had died during WWII sacrificing their own lives for the sake of peace of the next generations. Such as Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd, Piskarevo Cemetery in  Leningrad, the Monument to the Unknown Soldier in Moscow etc.

And now, in the centre of Europe, in the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava, there stands proudly the Slavin Hill with the dedication to the memory of the fallen Soviet soldiers and officers during WWII. The photos to the right and to the left show the great mementos of our visit to this sacred place.

On one of them one can see a bucket of freshly cut flowers laid between the feet of a great statue of a Russian soldier, a true token of respect of Slovak people who are maintaining the Memorial with care and tidiness.

SlavinHisscrossThe Russian Orthodox cross was erected at the Slavin Hill, Cross which helped the Russians to conquer the enemy. Eternal memory to those 6826 brave people who had been buried there.

We are wandering about the quiet and peaceful graves taking pictures not to forget the special moments of memory about battles at Bratislava, Dukla pass…

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We stood still, motionless and in the awe to the past.

Here it is, our slide show about it.

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