обезьянаcrocOn one hot jungle day the Monkey was exercising herself around the banana tree. She made a couple of salte mortale and a few turn arounds. Then picked up a single banana fruit and began moving it in circles along the nearest river, every time watching who is staring at her. Evidently she wanted to attract as much attention as possible to her persona.

Passing by swam the Crocodile.

“What are doing, Monkey?” he asked.

“Give me 5 dollars, I will tell you.” answered the Monkey.

“Okey, here it is”, said the Croc handing to her the money. “So, tell me what you are doing”, demanded he.

Обезьяна и крокодил“Nothing”, responded the Monkey. “I am doing nothing.” repeated she.

“Nothing?!” was surprised the Crocodile. “Why are you sitting here, dude?’

“Collecting the money. 300 dollars per day, isn’t it bad?” explained the Monkey.

“Oh! O-o-o-!”

Listen to: “The song of Crocodile Gena” with English Subtitles

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