Belyavchik, Gennadiy’s Pet-Cat

BelyavchikGennadiy had a pet. It was a whitish cat by name Belyavchik.  Belyavchik possessed a pleasant muzzle with funny mustache and very cunning eyes. At the first sight nothing Belyavchik1can be noticed of extraordinary in his outlook. Cat as cat as everybody else of his species.

Sleeps for long hours, likes to eat fish, cookies and drink milk. His favorite habit is occasionally to look out of the window watching the outside world intensely.

Curiosity was the the main trait of Belyavchik’s character. He always walked around and sniffled the corners, the window sills, the furniture and everything that was under it, carpets, floors, the kitchen utensils and all that what he met on his way as if he were searching for something all the time and could not find it.

Gennadiy and Belyavchik lived a long life together, they understood each other without unnecessary words.

Man went to work every day to make up living for himself and for Belyavchik, the cat was left behind to guard the house from undesired intruders, especially burglars or robbers of any kind. The mice and rats were also unwelcome as in the old Russian saying is told: “Unwanted guests are worse than Tatar enemy”.

Belyavchik  (2)Quiet, undisturbed life of the two went on and on. Till … just one occasion occurred.

The man needed to go to the town, leaving Belyavchik alone in the country house.

“Stay at home, Belyavchik”, said Gennadiy as though giving him an order :” Do not leave the house until I come back.”

He left some food and drink for the cat and took off.

Belyavchik was waiting for his host one day, then the other day, then the other…

His boss did not return.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Belyavchik  (1)

The white Belyavchik became worried.

“What’s up with my friend? Where is he? What is he doing? Why doesn’t he come back home?” thought to himself Belyavchik.

Belyavchik appeared to be more and more nervous, and food was run out. Bad things turn for worse with every hour in waiting. Darkness fell on the ground. Wind was howling above the trees. Somewhere on the distance the country dogs started barking as if berserk mad people. Scary night.

All of a sudden Belyavchik heard Gennadiy rattled with the entrance keys. He jumped ahead to meet his host. Silently and softly he approached Gennadiy’s level standing on the high wardrobe and looked at his eye. They both were blue-eyed. Cat’s eye was in front of the human’s eye. No meowing, no scratching or whining and complaining as in this similar case a human being would have done. Cat just kept looking … for seconds,minutes. God knows for how long. As if the time stopped.

Looking at Gennadiy with reproach as though cat’s tears were pouring from inside:’ What have you done with me, silly?”.

The man fed Belyavchik, caressed him, played with the cat and did everything to appease him. The friends make peace with each other very quickly.

If somebody says that cats do not have feelings. This occasion proves opposite : they do, as us, human beings.

Listen to Cat Music: Elena – O simpla melodie

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