My of Year 1947

Bryansk High Female School #1, Russia,1947. There as we were schoolchildren we were hurrying with our pencil-boxes and books to meet our first teacher starting from grade 1 till grade 7 (completion of Junior High), our strict, fair and beautiful Nina Nickolaevna Ledneva. For seven years she united us in a spirit of intense learning,…

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Eternal memory!

In our lives as in the seasons there are many changes and events which come to us sometimes expectantly, sometimes unexpectedly. There are times of joy, hope, frustrations and sadness. As with the seasons that surround us over which we do not have control there are moments in our lives that we too have no…

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Social and Friendly Get-together

I consider it is a special gift people are having to socialize and interact with each other easily and friendly. Janko is one of them, a very sociable person. Hyper by temperament he realizes his skills in meeting get-togethers in churches, social gatherings, home meetings or wherever he goes. He likes people and people like…

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