For a couple of  weeks in October 2011 we stayed at the Sunchaser Fairmount resort Villa, being dedicated travelers.

Watch the photo show “Fairmount Villas 2011”:

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We are in the Columbia Valley, the home of outstanding natural beauty, endless recreation and warm, welcoming people.

Since early 20-th century Canadians flocked here to marvel at the hot waters flowing naturally from the Rocky Mountains, and to test their reputed curative powers. For thousands of years, since the early days of the First nations, the Columbia Valley has been known as the home of those “smoking waters’, where the lifeblood of earth spilled out to sculpt the landscape and to give soothing relief to the weary traveler.

Of all beautiful things outdoors we need to cautious of wild life animals: Grizzly bears, moose, rams, mountain goats, deer and such who are wandering about the highways, entering the property where we stay and feel very comfortable everywhere. These are the photos about it.

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They look so friendly as at the Zoo. But do not approach them, never feed them as they are wild and let them remain this way. One cannot change their natural instincts for hunting and we are for them just a casual prey. Stay away from them as far as possible.

Listen to the professional advice :Wildlife Journal#3-Grizzly Encounter in Banff National Park

The other thing to do in the valley is to go to the church, for example, in Windermere, which was stolen from Golden and rebuilt there just for one overnight. Amazing!

This is our photo expose:

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Art galleries and Royal Alexandra Hall activities are also worth mentioning. In this case, it is rather one time to see than hundred times to talk. Photo images are represented here. Enjoy!

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