“Слезай, давай поговорим”,-“Up and Down There” ( a New Poem by VFP), October, 2022.

Up and Down There
“Up and down there”,
means “let’s talk”,
As we ALL belong there,
to the heaven’s stock.
We, ALL,’re temporary here.
So, up and down there,
Let’s sit and talk sincere.
Santa YURYEVICH the Senior,
You are welcome,
As the wisest in the Dominion,
and Abroad, welcome!
Santa YURYEVICH, the Junior,
Has a question for you:
“How to live in the union,
with Yourself and the Moon?”
The Senior scratched the back of his head,
“Difficult question. Why the Moon?”
The Junior smiled tet-a-tet:
“Read “the world” instead”.”
“World is contradictive,
In Yourself You Trust,
People’re vendictive,
Changing so fast.
Change yourself constantly,
It means only one thing:
Learn, learn, learn permanently,
You’ll see how it change everything.
With every sunset and sunrise,
Think of a NEW Project,
Never give up a little step,
Always AHEAD, in progress!
I know, it’s not an easy way,
But I’m sure, being sincere,
SUCCESS will attend you anyway,
As well as your colleagues here!
Up and down there,
Let’s talk and sit,
JUNIOR and SENIOR embraced each other,
Thanking for a good retreat.
Calgary, October 17, 2022.
Listen to the wonderful music “Universe is Endless…”

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