“My Culinary Creations” by Valentina Filina-Pattison, 2022, Chapter 11. Hygiene and Beauty.

Before each preparation of food recipe, it’s very https://youtu.be/o6important to follow hygiene and beauty of a person who does it. In our case, today’s mini-cakes ( recipe below).
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But first of all, for hygiene prepare home- made masks for face, hands and feet.
One glass of dry chickpeas, soaked in hot water overnight, the crashed in Ninja device,
then add up 2 table spoonfuls of honey and dry milk powder, and then put in the refrigerator,
in a jar with tight lid. For one week or longer. Put this mixture onto the face, feet and hands
for half an hour.
After if it is necessary, we start dying our hair with the natural mineral Color
which dissolved with water, not chemical but regular water. This Color can be bought
in Sally Beauty Saloon, Calgary. After half an hour we wash our hair, and all masks together,
taking shower in the bathroom, and we are ready to deal with food.
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Recipe of mini-cakes (cheap but nice): 2 glasses of all-purpose flour, baking soda, 1 glass of
sour cream, water as neede, 2 eggs, 2table spoonfuls of Splenda, mix well with mixer,
put vegetable oil into the forms and a little bit into the mixture. Bake 25-30 minutes
at the the temperature of 385 degrees Fahrenheit.
They are shown on the picture, as well as products for hygiene and beauty on the collage.
Nowadays, the very popular Korean cosmetics. So, we are interested in Korean culture.
Not long ago Korean musician PSY was very popular on Internet.

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