As always we gathered in our Muca Art Saloon to listen to the beautiful music: one of the participants of the competition of “Young Voices of Russia”- Rutger Gareht followed by the classical trumpeter from London Alison Balson.

But today I won’t talk about the music rather the clothing they were dressed up at their performances. It’s not a secret that the modern journalists describing the celebrities’ outfits put the labels to their dresses : how much it costs. No details of feelings what they appeal to but how much it is. All details, trend, colour and hue, design are in magazines and blogs of Internet or special edition.

In our fast changing world of digital, computerised, easy access to all kind of information-fast, fast, fast…The contemporary vogue is also changing, especially the attitude to it.

Street fashion, Ivanka Trump’s kind of, is not aimed at the individual. Everybody knows how to be dressed on the street, at school, at work, in the garden, in golf field or different other sport or recreation events. 

But on the stage? Where it is very important the individuality of a performer and even his/ her instrument? 

11 years old boy Rutger Gareht. Who is behind him? His Mom-a musician, arranger, choreographer, costume designer-like a jack of all trades.

Gleb, can you help this boy to be dressed maybe in more contemporary style: digital-contemporary: pants, for example, of your late design and top, for instance, as a sleeveless T-shirt with a print from the front and the back of one of his favourite digital shots to be changed very often. It is not bad by design and price, isn’t it?

Now about Alison Balsom. Her slender figure was wrapped up in a blue one piece pants suit with deep cleavage to show her sexuality and beauty. Blue colour was in harmony with her blonde hair bur in disharmony with her brass instrument. The style of her costume could be possibly changed for more digital-contemporary in purple-gold to show off better her trumpet.

How about that, Gleb?

We congratulate you on your 21-st Birthday, wishing you good health, strength, keeping on your projects, and may success attend you in all your endeavours to come.

Good luck. On behalf of your family GRANNA

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