Cheechum Soby called me ahead of time to help her to participate at the Webinar of Russian Doctor Petrov who for the past 20 years has been practising the new informative technology of regenerating human organs. Lots of ads are on this topic, doing these things, including Dr. Grabovsky.

As for me, non-believer in such kind of things, it was difficult to grasp how it works.

So, for the sake of curiosity, I agreed.

The most difficult was the registration for Webinar because 3000 Roubles (60 Canadian dollars), the admittance fee, was proceeded through the Russian Sberbank, which does not deal with Canada. Going around and around I paid the necessary amount with my Master card. And here we go. The link with an access to the Webinar is ready.

We’ve sent a couple of letters with Cheechum’s questions beforehand. We share screen with her by Skype.

At 1-00 a.m. of her time, British Columbia, Canada, and 2-00 a.m. of Calgarian time (MT) the session began.

We are in the chat room, on the screen of the chat room is Dr. Petrov, 73 y.o. man, starting a long, introductory speech in Russian, explaining how hard to get through all the obstacles with Medical Authorities in Russia.Then follow the examples of the successful stories about the regeneration of bodies and human organs.

The questions were being answered, including ours. I am holding my ipad showing Doctor Petrov and chat room by Skype with my face to the screen, translating the important phrases of the Doctor. One hour and a half passed so quickly. After a short break The practical part of the Webinar started: DR. Petrov is explaining his technology, poiny by point, and then at the end…what a surprise to me:

On the screen there showed a picture of the code of regeneration in the mathematical signs and physical frequency impulse which lasted maybe 5-7 minutes.

Silence in the chatroom, just the image of the code of regeneration is fluctuating…

Very impressive and scientific! 

That is my opinion about that event.

Listen to:


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