At Samovar I and Aljosha Are Talking About Good Things (Interview with the President of Russian Business Cultural Center of Alberta)

KrutajaBabulka'shandshake1Watch video, it is for you, Aljosha”:Peter Leshchenko-At the Samovar  I and My Masha

“How do you do?”, good people! Come in and feel at home! How was the road condition on the way from Edmonton to Calgary, how long did it take you to come to our city, was everything all right with you, guys?” were those questions which we addressed two dear guests on April 8, 2011 just after lunch time.

2.Alexey: This is my wife Svetlana. My name is Pavlenko Alexey, we are from Novosibirsk. I personally was born in Zaporozje, Ukraine.

3.Janko: What is your patronymic name? I am Slovak by origin, my name is Janko Viktorovich Holly, and yours?

2.Alexey Nikolaevich. Nice to meet you. How long do you live in Canada, Janko Viktorovich?

3.Since I was born in Montreal. My father Viktor emigrated to Canada in 1927.

2.Myself with my wife came to Canada 4 years ago.

3.How do you like in Canada?

3.Pretty good, pretty good. I work in car dealer business, Svetlana, PhD in philosophy, got a job as an Executive Director of Jewish Seniors’ Center in Edmonton.

1.Valentina: May I call you by name without your patronymic name. For me it is more pleasurable.

2.Sure. Go ahead.

1.Alexey, when was Russian Business Cultural Center of Alberta (RBCCA) organized in Alberta?

2.At the end of 2009.

1.Valentina: It’s the same year, only in spring when my “Krutaja Babulka” was published for the first time. We are twins by origin. How many members are there and how is everything going in your organization?

2.We have more than 40 members in our Center, and people are constantly joining up. We do many a good thing in our organization and want to do more.

1.Now the time has arrived to come to our Samovar dinner and enjoy Russian pancakes with porta bella mushrooms fried in sour cream. Help yourselves, please. To the left photo of that moment.

Watch the photo expose: “At the Samovar “

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1.Aljosha, when did you last time visit Russia?

2.Two years ago.

1.What are your impressions?

2.Dual. On the one hand, more freedom to talk about, to travel around anywhere. On the other hand, more corruption, more financial problems for regular people.

1.Alexey, what are the goals of RBCCA? Is any similar center in Canada?

2.No, our center is unique. Its goals are as follows: Russian Business Cultural Center of Alberta needs to promote Russian business in Canada and represent compatriots’ interests in front of local authorities as well as to develop and all kind of connections and contacts of compatriots with Russian public unions and organizations.

Besides that, Center aims to preserve and spread Russian culture, consolidate Russian spoken businesses of Canada and help them in the process of better adapting to Canadian realities.

1.By the way, speaking about realities, Svetlana, can you help us with the camera, please?

4.Svetlana: Definitely, I can. And she did. Really, Svetlana did a great job with Svetlanaasamodel1the shots. To the right a photo of her as a model.

1.Alexey and Svetlana, do you have any statistics about how many Russian spoken people residing in Alberta?

4.Oh, yes.

According to statistics for present day from 70 to 90 thousand Russian spoken people reside in Alberta, in British Columbia – around 200 thousand, and many do business. In spite of this till now there was no organization to represent our compatriots’ interests through which one can find a reliable business partner and with which one can attend for help in difficult time. Now it’s been founded in Alberta in 2009, in British Columbia it is going to be organized.

1.This is all good, noble and interesting. Alexey, your wife is, certainly, helping you in all your endeavors, isn’t she?

2.Sure. Svetlana is my best friend and aid everywhere: in the center and at home.

This is a song for her: Watch video song:“My Svetlana”

4.I wonder that many even smaller than Russian spoken Diasporas have their Cultural centers, but Russian center did not exist. And it concerns not only Alberta or British Columbia, even the whole Canada! So all together we can declare about ourselves as a consolidated group of like-minded people, supporting each other, heading in the same direction.

3.What a wonderful couple you are!

At the beginning was a song for Aljosha Pavlenko.

Alexey Nikolaevich, we would like to support Russian Business Cultural Center of Alberta, myself and Valentina want to join your organization and be informed about all events to come and participate in the activities as much as possible.

2.This is very nice of you. Right now we are working on the project to create such a group in Calgary, so for now we are having three points : Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary.

1.And what about the Russian Children’s School in Edmonton? I read very many praising words about them? Watch video: “Samovar Samovarovich”

4.”Erudite” is a separate, independent public organization which is very successful.

1.I used to collect very many children’s pictures and photos wherever I traveled and I offer to your attention my slide show “Children’s Art”:

Thank you for useful and sweet conversation, Alexey and Svetlana. Come again as often as possible. Pancakes will be always waiting for you. Welcome, dear friends!


  1. От Адёши из Эдмонтона

    Доброго дня Валентина и Янко !
    Спасибо огромное при огромное за ваш прием .
    Мы очень счастливы что познакомились с Вами.
    Побывали в русском уголке – где русский дух и Русью пахнет!!
    Дай вам Бог здоровья и долгих долгих лет жизни .

    С уважением

    Алексей и Светлана Павленко

  2. Дорогие Алёша и Светлана, Пожалуйста.
    Давайте дружить семьями.
    Валентина и Янко

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