Map of Russia1First. On December 4, 2011 there were the elections to GosDuma in Russia. To-day there were shown the results of these elections. The distribution of the seats at GosDuma: the United Russia-238 seats, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation-92 seats, the True Russia-64 seats, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia-56 seats.

The Regional Government of the city of Saint-Petersburg has the representatives of the 4 above mentioned parties plus the party “Jabloko”.

The source of information: ITAR-TASS.

Second. Vancouver is the best place to live in the Americas, when it comes to quality of life, according to a new global survey by Mercer Consulting Ousourcing Investments, putting it on the fifth place overall in the world thanks to high scores in social-political stability, health care and the natural environment.

Third. Three Sicilian brothers had heart attacks on the same day. Two died and the third was saved because he was already in a hospital, visiting with their elderly mother, the Corriere della Sera daily said Tuesday.

Fourth. Alberta students are being denied access to scholarships and the universities of their choice by multiple choice exams system that is weighted against them. Alberta diploma exams are not reasonable pests of student competency. They’re multiple choice, which is a stupid way to test what students know, and are, at least in places, largely becoming irrelevant, said Andrew Wreggitt, Calgary.

Fifth. Public safety is an issue in Calgary to-day, for example, in Whitehorn when one young lady was hit by C-train. She was crossing the tracks. Where are the fences around the tracks? Where is Police Safety Patrol?

What a pity that such a young life was wasted.

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  • К первой новости – Слава Б-гу мы здесь. Но спасись Россия.

  • Быть далеко от России и быть всей душой с ней-это очень трудная судьба. Мы все несём её и пытаемся делать что-нибудь хорошее для людей, каждый на своём месте. Дай нам всем побольше здоровья и сил, где бы мы ни находились территориально. В наш скоростной компьютерный век расстояния ничего не значат, потому что мир очень тесен, а с годами становится ещё теснее. Всяческих благ и процветания всем людям на Земле, и каждому человеку индивидуально. Будьте счастливы, если можете.

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