One. Light a candle for the Earth. This year marks the fifth anniversary of Earth Hour in Canada- Saturday, Marchcandles1 31. Earth Hour is one hour where the world unites and turns off their lights from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time to send a powerful message in support of action on climate change.

More than 5,200 cities and 135 different countries participated in Earth Hour in 2011. Russia participated also in support of the Earth Hour movement.

Two. The First of April is the Funny day. Watch on you tube how the Russian reporter talks about funny village names in Russia: NTV news-Russia-funny village names as popki etc.

Happy April’s Day to you, folks!

Three. Never too late. Once-Illiterate Man Published his Book of Essays at age 93.

The Portuguese-born James Arruda Henry had plenty to be proud of as a U.S. lobster-boat captain who managed to build his own house and raise a family. But he kept a secret into his ’90s, one that forced him to bluff his way through life. Henry was illiterate. He couldn’t even read the restaurant menus. Now he’s 98, and his self-published collection of autobiographical essays is being read at elementary schools. I a fisherman’s language details his barefoot beginnings in Portugal, life in a tenement in Rhode Island, boxing as a young man and his adventures at sea.

Source: The Associated Press.

Four. Siberian Express: The Siberian Express sounds like it might be a real line, but, in fact, it’s a really cold, cyclonic storm that starts in northern Canada and Alaska and sweeps down to the United States.

Five. Not funny: The funny bone is not funny, nor is it a bone. It is part of the ulnar nerve located at the back of the elbow and it can really tingle when it gets bumped.

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