HappyNewYear2014One. Happy New 2014 Year to all of you, Canada and Russia! Russia beats Canada in overtime for World Junior Bronze. USA faces Sweden for World Junior Hockey Gold. New Year2014Congratulations! Good beginnings of the year.

Roy MacGregor, -The Globe and Mail, January 05, 2013.

To the left and to the right are the photos from the Czech-Slovak-Moravian Association New 2014 year meeting. Excellent music as well as meals prepared by the Chef-the President of the Association Pavel Hbelka.

Two. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan donated to Silicon Valley Community Foundation $992,200.000.00, Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Stacy  Palmer shares who made the 2013’s list of most charitable philanthropists.

Three. According to the “FORBES”, in the article “What are the Greediest cities in the USA?”, they answer:

“San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, better known to the outside world as Silicon Valley, is the greediest city in America, with 1.57 members of the Forbes 400 per 100,000 residents. Google alone, based in Santa Clara county, has generated several thousand stock-option millionaires. Rich-listers in the area include Google’s Sergey Brin Sergey Brin, with a net worth of $18.5 billion; Apple CEO Steve Jobs Steve Jobs, with $ 5.7 billion; and venture capitalist Michael Moritz, with $ 1.3 billion.

The tech hub has created plenty of jobs, but it has also driven middle-class workers to the fringes of the real estate market. San Fransisco-Oakland-Fremont, benefeting from the same computing boom, ranked as the greegiest city.

Four. Cigany and Gitana: an Evening of Jazz, Flamenco and Gypsy.

Andrea Petrity (jazz pianist) and Holly Blazina (flamenco guitarist) present an exciting evening of jazz, flamenco and guitar at National Music Centre, 134- 11 Avenue, SE Calgary from 8-00 p.m. to 10-00 p.m. on Saturday, February 01, 2014, Family friendly event.

Five. Greg Pyra: Homeward Bound.

In these oil paintings Pyra imagines himself as a traveller on the highways of Alberta, with no end destination in mind.

Cost free event, Jan. 10, 2014-Feb. 22, 2014 in Okotoks Art Gallery, tel. 403-938-3204.

The info from the Swerve, the Calgary Herald on line, January 05, 2014.

Listen to: Romantic Jazz #1 Saxophone Instrumental Music Piano Love Songs

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