cp-holiday-trainOne. On December 11, 2016 the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is back for the 18th year in an effort to raise money, food and awareness for local food banks and food shelves. In Calgary it stops on this day with the concert performance and socialising events. Every year the donations increased by 30% compared to the previous year.ht_2014_logo

Two. St. Petersburg, Russia, November 14, 2016. People look at first Russia’s public fridge outside a charity shop on Vasilyevsky Island in central St. Petersburg. It was closed down by Rospotrebnadzor two days later.

Three. Gasoline from Thin Air. Enzyme found in roots of soybeans could be the key to cars that run on air. This study could eventually lead to new, environmentally friendly ways to produce fuel – and eventually gasoline from thin air.

Source: Innovation on NBC News.com

Four. New Zealand Businessmen to Buy Cruise Ship for the Homeless.

With Auckland’s raising homelessness problem, a group of New Zealand’s businessmen are swimming towards a solution that could house hundreds.

Five. This Guy Danced his way through China for 100 days.

While Dortmouth college student Jake Gaba was in China for a 100-day foreign language study program, he wanted to uniquely share his love for the trip with the world – and he found the perfect method.

We share with you our admiration of Kaylie Minogue show, her singing and dancing crew.

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