One. Cyber crooks are rigging the Internet with booby-trapped blog commentary, chat rooms, e-mail messages and websites, according to a Websense report released on Thursday, Agency France-Press San Francisco.

Two. Skrunda, Latvia. Latvia’s State Privatization agency is putting an entire town up for auction on Friday. It has been empty since the departure of Russian troops from the ex-Soviet republic a decade  ago.

Three. France-Press, Port Blair, India. The last member of an ancient Indian Bo tribe by name Boa Sr.,85 y. o., has died on India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Survival International reported Thursday.Romanticletter

Four. The Telegraph Sydney, Bonnie Malkin reported: Almost 200 years after the birth of famed naturalist Charles Darwin, scientists have used DNA from his great-great grandson Chris Darwin to map the “deep ancestry” of the father of evolutionary theory. The tests found the Darwins are direct descendants of the Cro-Magnon people who dominated the hum ltrasound machines, valued at $ 60,000 each, according to Calgary expansion into Europe. Chris Darwin who emigrated to Australia in 1986, said that his great-great grandfather would have been fascinated. “He would have been amazed by the detail you can get looking at your genes,” he said.

Five.  A Calgary physician strapped on his saxophone to raise cash for emergency room equipment after Alberta Health Services could not fund immediately six ultrasound machines, valued at $ 60,000 each, according  to Calgary Herald.

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