Children Conquered “the World!”


It’s true. Children conquered the World! What a wonderful country is a Children-land! Where gamerisk3everybody believes in a wonder, beautiful friendships, truth and justice.

To-day 5 hours in a row without intervals or breaks the six: Gleb, Liza, Jonathan, Christian, Frank and Curtis played the table game “RISK”, one can see them on the pictures.

The three brothers of ages: 19, 17, 15, visited us with their parents: gamerisk1Rudy and Patricia, including Pat’s elder sis Carmen and her husband Oscar, who came from Dallas, Texas, USA.

All had fun: adults and children. Those who were enjoying the most were the children.                   You bet! They really had fun conquering the world many times playing by the rules of “RISK” without risk.

Watch photo show about it.

What an interesting game is it if you are playing it with real friends.

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