Chinookdiagram“Chinook” is a Pacific Indian word meaning “snow-eater” as a strong Chinook can make snow one foot deep almost vanish in one way. The snow partly melts and partly evaporates in the dry wind.Chinookdenver

To the left is a photo-diagram of a Chinook formation, to the right the photo of a Chinook in Denver, Colorado, USA which is called Foehn.

In Canada Chinook country is Calgary, Alberta.                                

Gleb's Chinook6On the first days of stay at the Pineridge home Gleb and Liza jumped out of the house, taking their cameras with, trying  not to lose a spectacular Chinook moment outside.

Look at them! How they are capturing the moment of nature and all its beauty and wonder through the miracle of today’s technology, these visions are accessible to all who wish to see them.                                                   Gleb's Chinook9

They agreed kindly to allow to publish their shots. They were made as a slide show and you can enjoy them.

On that lovely Chinook evening Gleb, an experienced person, is taking an interview from Liza.

Gleb: Have you ever seen in your life Chinook, Liza?

Liza: Never.

Gleb: What is your impression about this weather phenomenon?

Liza: Awesome. Beautiful. Unique. One needs to see it to oneself.

Gleb: Thanks a lot for this interview.

To the left the  photo of Gleb busy with photographing, and to the right the photo of Liza and Gleb on the Chinook background.

At the end one more slide show about Chinook at different parts of the world.

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