margaret4-168x300Listen : Anna German, Dancing Euridikas

Gavin’s sister Margaret visits the ballet school since she was little. Now she is fourteen. She has got her passion in life, different from her brothers and Gleb. This is her photo when she is dancing a role of a boy in the recent performance.

Ballet is ephemeral, like a piece of music that has just been performed, it vanishes into space, remaining only in audience’s memories, and memories, like living beings, are transient. Today, we can see dance on TV, at the cinema and on video recordings. Ballet is now very popular among the girls although some boys also like dancing. Whatever hobby our children have, it is still nice to be involved in something beautiful and ephemeral.

We are looking forward to see our kids performing at the concerts in the community halls, in churches, at the stages of Jubilleum Auditorium or at jack Singer Hall. Sometimes our children even are promoted to participate in bigger cities and at greater festivals.

We wish all of them good luck and success in their creative careers. Success attend you, our dear friends!

Watch video:“Sleeping Beauty” ballet

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