Day 11: Dubrovnik, Croatia


Founded in the 7-th century on a site called Ragusium by the Romans,Dubrovnik is a town in southeastern Croatia, located on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. A historic and picturesque town, Dubrovnik has long been known as a major tourist resort. The town faces the sea at the foot of the rugged limestone mountains and is notable for its Dubrovnik50medieval double walls and fortifications, plus historical buildings, including one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, Dubrovnik has harbor facilities in the suburb of Luka Gruz. The main port of Dubrovnik is one of the most prominent tourist destinations on the Adriatic and joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979. Silk and leather are manufactured in Dubrovnik, and exports include Dubrovnik37cheese, liquor and timber.

We showed our extra IDs to Dubrovnik customs guard and were on our own before noon, took a taxi and in no time were in the old town to see for ourselves what it is all about Dubrovnik. Taking pictures everywhere what is worthwhile in our opinion, at the center market square we heard the announcement that pigeons would be fed at noon. Clock strikes exact at twelve and out of the blue thousands of pigeons of all colors and sizes were streaming for a big feast. And not simply flying but circling around as if they were choosing the right spot at the right time to be picketing for food. After nourishing themselves they were walking lazily to the fountain with drinking water to satisfy their thirst. What spoiled creatures they were allowing themselves to be photographed in people’s hands and be caressed and even kissed by kids.

See the slide show “Dubrovnik, Croatia.”                         

TRUTH # 2.

At the Lido restaurant we met some interesting people from Australia at the dining  table They were John and Paula Croan. They told us about  their adventures at the old town in Dubrovnik. It happened in the afternoon when they were trying to head back to the ship. Encountered at the gate of the city a bottleneck of people: some try to leave, others come in. By the way there were thousands of people from different cruise ships in the port: four ships in all. Can you imagine the crowds all trying to be everywhere at the same time and going nowhere? They even took pictures of the mess of Dubrovnik and shared with us.

It was a crowd of approximately 6-8 thousand people in the small town! What a splendid show to see but it was in Paula’s camera not in mine.

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