CIVITAVECCHIA, ITALY                                                                                                  Civitavecchia2

It’s a fact: Emperor Trajan built the harbor at CIVITAVECCHIA (“ancient town”) at the beginning of the 2nd century.

During the Roman era, the port was known as Centumcellae (“ 100 warehouses”). Emperor Traiano  (98-117) ordered it rebuilt in 107 AD. Monumental buildings and statues reflected its economic importance to the empire, but most of the Civitavecchia1original architecture was lost in later years.

Tiny Civitavecchia’s contemporary harbor bustles with shipping traffic, Italian rail serves the small, but busy port ( 50 miles from Rome) – the passenger rail station is a 20-minute walk from the harbor along a pleasant seafront promenade lined with small shops and cafes.


Lara and Gleb like to go swimming to the deck 9 named as LIDO. As usual upon coming back they spread their swimming suits onto the back and seat of the arm chair to dry up.                   Hollandme

Janko well dressed and perfumed just settled himself into that chair without noticing something wet on his pants. While getting himself up he noticed out of the blue that something dark on his bum. Oh no, that was not what you might think, that was just the plain water!

HOLLAND AMERICA LINE ship.    Day 5 we spent at the Sea.

From the Navigator:

After passing through the Canale di Plombino in the early morning we will continue on a southeasterly course and pass between the Isola di Giglio and Punta di Torre Ciana on the mainland of Italy. We will reach the Traffic Separation Scheme, at the entrance of the port, and we will line up for embarking the local pilot about 1 mile outside the breakwater.

After letting go our lines in the evening, we will proceed out of the harbor and disembark our local pilot just outside the breakwaters. We will continue on a southeasterly course and enter the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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