Upon disembarking  from the Jade we made up our minds to go for a farewell stroll 170px-San_Marco_horsesaround170px-GondolaVenice Venice, a living museum city on the water. The weather was inconsistent with mixture of clouds, sun and the odd showers. Just perfect for a walk.

To cheer us up listen to :“O Sole Mio!” by Andrea Bocceli

Below is provided our photo gallery: “Farewell, Venice!”

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All stores were closed early in the morning until noon time.

Lara as MargarethThe ancient buildings made us respect them and look at them with awe.Hello, Master

Involuntarily our feet led us to the artists’ shops. Here it is! The creator and master of Venetian masks is on the photo to the right. Where is his Margareth? There she is. Look to the left.

The workshop was full of pieces of art. Look at our photo expose from that place.

The Master was busy working on the piece without wasting his time : his creations were everywhere – smiling, giggling, mourning, crying as if the workshop were a stage and his  masks were performing.

The store-workshop was managed by the whole family, and there showed a young woman who played a role of a cashier, then an older woman who helped with the products to be wrapped up. There was a quiet atmosphere here, it felt that everybody treated the Master with respect. Meantime he worked and worked,  engraving the small wrinkles around the mask’s nose.

Listen:Eric Saade-Masquerade

There was a sensation of nothing real at this workshop except the creator who was a hard worker himself. I felt that a big boss , some great film producer, must show up at any second and we are here out of place.

“Pay and get out of it as quick as possible. Do not, disturb Master.”

Watch our photo expose “Hello, Master!”

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Bye-bye, Master! Bye, bye, Masks! See you again!

Listen:“The Mask and the Mirror” by Loreena McKennitt

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