Calgary flooding of 2013 (9)“Disaster never comes alone”, so it is said precisely. Just yesterday I mentioned about the big catastrophic flooding in Calgary, High River and in Canmore, but today early in the morning in Calgary the bridge collapsed near Ogden Calgary flooding of 2013shops when the long CPR cargo train was passing by, two cars were ruined completely. Thank goodness, the engineers remain alive! I am talking today with Maria Zhiltsova from Canmore.

Val (1): How are you doing in Canmore? They say, all the roads heading in your direction, are cut down, aren’t they?

Maria (2): Yes. At nights I hear the roar of working machinery. They work days and nights to restore the communications. Military trucks are in plenty. 1: How are you and your family holding on?

2: The dike rescued us. We haven’t been evacuated. Gradually, step by step the life is becoming normal.

1: How are your grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law?

2: They are good, thank you. They are safe and sound, including the cat.

1: Well, be strong, Maria. Stay together: Canmore, Calgary, High River. Let all of us have strength to withstand and overcome the hardships of the present days!

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