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flowers 026Once I noticed having visited the concerts in Calgary and at other cities of North America, that the artists are not given very many buckets of live flowers. By the way, it is not habitual among regular people also to give the flowers to each other. Why? It is yet so beautiful to present a woman, a man, children with a bucket of live flowers or just one flower as a sign of gratitude, acknowledgement from the core of our hearts.

Alas! Everyday life draws us in or we just do not have a clue about it.

What a pity! Look at the photo of Joyce , how her face radiates with smile next to the bucket of tropic flowers. Below is the photo expose “Live Flowers as a Gift”:

Amateurs musicians and actors participating at the Kiwanis festival in Calgary this year were given lots of flowers as many of them showed up on stage for the first time in their lives.

We met a music teacher Izabella Knyazeva who for many years prepares her students for this festival, the 80th anniversary of which everybody celebrates. We asked her a few questions:


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1: What is the meaning of Kiwanis Festival in Canada?

2.: The Calgary Kiwanis Music festival is one of North America’s largest amateur classical music festivals.It is one of 245 music festivals that take place in Canada each year.

1: How many participants were there this time?

2. : Over 10,000 amateur musicians and speech arts performers participate in 1,055 classes in 18 categories.

1.: What did competitive classes include?

2.: Competitive classes include Piano, Vocal, Musical Theatre, Strings, Speech, Woodwind, Brass, Creative Music, Orff Ensembles, Percussion, Classical Guitar, Bands, Choirs, Choral Speech, Orchestra, Chamber, Hand bells and Harp.

1.: What was the age of participants?

2.: Performers typically range in age from 5 to 25 years. Individuals, school groups from both the public and separate school systems, and community groups are welcome to participate.

1. Who was in the jury?

2.: Volunteers-experienced musicians and actors donated more than 1,700 hours at the Kiwanis Festival.

1.: What about your students, Izabella?

2.: My students by their parents’ choice did not compete this year but they were estimated by professionals high. They were happy about that.

1.: What’s new in the Kiwanis this time?

2.: The harp class.

Listen to the video:“Music for Grandma”

1.: Thanks a lot for interview, Izabella, and listen to the beautiful music. It’s specially for you:“Angel Meditation Instrumental Music Brahma Kumanis Raja Yoga Peace”

2 Thoughts on “Give to People a Sense of Joy, Present Them with Live Flowers (To the 80-th Anniversary of the Kiwanis Amateur Club of Musicians and Actors)”

  • Giving fresh flowers and enjoy receiving them, yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation and of course Hibiscus all come from the core of my heart.

  • My friends, I am so happy that you appreciate my modest attempts to express my feelings about presenting flowers to each other as a token of acknowledgement of talent or gratitude for something. This is typical in Europe but not in North America where talent is estimated mainly by money. “It is shameful to be rich” as once put great Boris Pasternak. I agree with him. Thanks again.

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