The impressions of reading the book “Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia” by Christine Croft are the most favourable. The author studied English and Divinity in Liverpool, and currently lives in Yorkshire. The book was written on 2008, ten years ago. From the aesthetic point of view, i. e. relation to the beautiful, the book is of great value because my relation to the beautiful has been never changed. Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful princesses of the world, no arguments about that. We know about this wonderful lady for a long time. Even back in Russia, visiting as tourists the Yussupovs’ Palace in 2004, we already knew about the death of Rasputin from tourist guide’s narrative. So, from the information point of view, the book did not disclose anything new for us.

In Russia, it seems to me, the people are not interested in the past so much. They are still restricted to the point, what to read and what not. In publishing domain. By Internet, only by review, prepared by certain angle.

The question: Why to kill such a noble, capable to do many a thing to help poor, needed Russian people? Why kill?…

Her perception of world was unique, as it is stated on pages 165,166 :

“From somewhere in the branches of the overladen trees, came the song of a solitary bird: melodic, heartfelt, passionately singing of love. Ella held her breath to listen and, within seconds, a response came from far across the horizon. Soon other avian voices joined the theme until it seemed a whole orchestra had gathered in the branches to perform a magical symphony – the swansong of the trees before they shed their leaves for the winter. From the clear flute-like sweetness of the blackbird’s threnody, to the deep oboe tones of the doves; the piccolo trills of the crickets in the undergrowth, and the deep percussion of the chattering magpies, the music rose to a great and harmonious crescendo that set Ella’s hear dancing with a lightness that she, so accustomed to the sounds of the city, had almost forgotten.”

Why to kill such a person with such a soul? You will answer: “The time was as such, and she belonged to the class enemy of the revolution which killed everybody and everything that was on its way…”

But Elizabeth, or “Ella” as she is called in the book, did not stand against anybody’s way, but followed only her own unique way – to bring good to the mankind: heal the wounded, help the poor, feed who are starving. Let us admire her big noble heart and all together bow down to the Earth in her honour and let us learn from her example how to live on this planet which is called the Earth!

Above is her Icon which is sitting in our living room next to this interesting book.

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